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From John Shie
In Support of Charles Tandy

Dr. Charles Tandy has asked me to write him a letter of reference and I am most pleased to do so. I first met Charles when we were considering him for an Assistant Professor position at Da Yeh University (Taiwan). Among a number of strong competitors, we chose Dr. Tandy for the position. Indeed he proved to be an outstanding Assistant Professor of Humanities in the English Department at Da Yeh University.

As Chair of the English Department, I noticed that the students came to prefer Dr. Tandy as their teacher over most other faculty members. Charles is concerned about the welfare of the student. It is likewise obvious to me that Dr. Tandy is a talented research scholar. Moreover, whenever Charles was asked to be of service to the department or the university, he always made himself available. Much of the service work consisted of editing draft documents for the university so as to improve the English translation; the editing tasks ranged from the department level all the way up to include the office of university president. Here too his performance was superb.

Although we much wanted Dr. Tandy to continue with us at Da Yeh University, Charles decided to move on, accepting an offer he apparently considered too good to refuse. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information about Dr. Tandy's outstanding professorial abilities and accomplishments (whether in teaching, research, or service). I recommend Dr. Charles Tandy highly and without reservation.

John Shie
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of the English Language
Da Yeh University
886-4-852-8469 (Taiwan)