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Modern Western Literature

Eye Glasses, Spinning

Fooyin Institute of Technology Course Plan

Subject: Modern Western Literature (Introduction to Western Literature 2)

Class: 5L4

Credits & hours: 3 credits

Instructor: Charles Tandy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Humanities

Office hours: Monday periods 5 & 6; Tuesday periods 7 & 8

Telephone extension: 426

Email address:

Course objectives: To become acquainted with Western literature and culture

Course description: This course introduces students to Western literature and culture. The first semester of this two-semester course introduces Ancient Western literature in its cultural context; the second semester covers Modern Western literature and culture.


1. Course Introduction
2. The Middle Ages [A: chapters 14-15]
3. Dante's The Divine Comedy [A: chapter 16]
4. The Renaissance [A: chapter 17]
5. Christopher Marlowe and Doctor Faustus [B: as assigned] [C: all]
6. Student Presentations
7. Review for Midterm Examination
8. Midterm Examination
9. The Modern Period [A: chapters 18-21]
10. Henrik Ibsen and A Doll's House [D: as assigned] [E: as assigned]
11. Student Presentations
12. The Postmodern Period
13. Albert Camus and The Stranger [The Outsider] [F: as assigned] [G: all]
14. Student Presentations
15. Final Examination

Teaching methods: Lecture and miscellaneous

Teaching materials:

Course website =

A = Backgrounds of European Literature
R. Horton and V. Hopper
Bookman Books: Taipei, Taiwan
NOTE: This book provides helpful historical background; to save you time, the assigned chapters may be skimmed rather than read.

B = Doctor Faustus
C. Marlowe
New American Library: New York, NY (ISBN: 0-451-52477-2)

C = MacMillan Master Guides: Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
D. Male
MacMillan: Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK (ISBN: 0-333-39470-4)

D = Four Great Plays by Henrik Ibsen
H. Ibsen
Bookman Books: Taipei, Taiwan

E = Monarch Notes: The Plays of Ibsen
E. Byrnes
Simon & Schuster: New York, NY (ISBN: 0-671-00562-6)

F = The Outsider [The Stranger]
A. Camus
Bookman Books: Taipei, Taiwan (ISBN: 957-586-785-8)

G = Barron's Book Notes: The Stranger [The Outsider] by Albert Camus
L. Warsh
Barron's Educational Series: Hauppauge, NY (ISBN: 0812035437)

Evaluation: 30% Assignments; 35% Midterm Examination; 35% Final Examination

References: See the references listed in the teaching materials items.

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