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From Aly A. Mahmoud
In Support of Charles Tandy

Dr. Charles Tandy requested that I write him a letter of recommendation to serve as evidence of his teaching excellence and related abilities. As a sometime acting administrator onsite for MUCIA (the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities) and as a MUCIA colleague stationed in Batu Pahat, Malaysia, I have come to know Dr. Tandy both professionally and personally. I am pleased to act as his reference.

First, let me assure you that Dr. Tandy is an individual of great character, integrity, and high morals. He is very conscientious and a dedicated hard worker. As an individual, he is trustworthy and has earned the respect of his students and colleagues both within the Education Department at Institut Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn and throughout the campus, including the many MUCIA consultants who are at the university from all parts of the United States. He is a very balanced individual and possesses the ability to judge both academic and non-academic student matters in a very compassionate and fair manner.

He is an excellent organizer and has shown unwavering commitment to assist his students. His approach in dealing with student's problems and concerns has earned him admiration and the reputation of being a problem solver throughout the department.

Dr. Tandy's achievements and leadership in teaching in the classroom and in the Education tutorials are both visible and admirable. He led the crucial efforts of building some of the key basic education courses during the most formative years in the Education Department's history. He labored for a long time and was successful in establishing many of the Institut's education courses and tutorials, and I might add, with great success. He assisted with great enthusiasm in the preparation of a truly high quality program. He is so thorough in his work that many of his students and colleagues find him an excellent resource for dealing with various MUCIA, departmental and student matters.

Dr. Tandy is also an effective advisor. He spends that extra time that is necessary to achieve excellence in advising. He makes himself available to the students at all times, helping them in selecting courses that would fulfill both the accreditation requirements, the Institute and departmental requirements, and the student objectives and career aspirations. He is always happy to assist any student who comes seeking help. I have seen many advisors in the more than thirty years of my career and I can easily judge him to be one of the best.

Dr. Tandy's pleasant personality and empathy make him a great friend to all of his students and an inspiration to them. His commitment to educational excellence has earned him the respect and love of students who reciprocated by praising his efforts.

He is truly an excellent teacher, educator, advisor, and a friend of the students. It is indeed a privilege for me to recommend him to you and your institution.

Meanwhile, should you or your committee desire more information, I would be delighted to provide it for you.

Sincerely yours,
Aly A. Mahmoud, Ph.D.
Professor, MUCIA - Purdue University International Programs
Professor, Indiana University - Purdue University at Fort Wayne
(219) 485-1077 (USA)
(219) 481-6036 (USA)