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From Malcolm S. Knowles
In Support of Charles Tandy

Dr. Charles Tandy has invited me to provide him a letter of recommendation for an academic position -- an invitation I accept with enthusiasm.

For several years Charles and I have been pen pals, exchanging ideas and writings, and inviting reactions. I have been deeply impressed with the openness and power of his mind, with the clarity and scholarliness of his thinking, and with his sense of professional commitment. But clearly he is also a warm, caring, relational human being.

Obviously Charles would bring to an academic position an outstanding foundation of academic training in the liberal arts and general and educational philosophy. He would also bring a rich background of experience in teaching from the secondary to the graduate levels and in community service.

A special qualification he would bring, I think, is a vision of the future possibilities of education in equipping our citizenry for the twenty-first century through a program of lifelong learning. His vision is clear and idealistic, but he has practical strategies for accomplishing it.

I recommend him without reservation.

Malcolm S. Knowles, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Department of Adult and Community College Education
North Carolina State University

[NOTE: Dr. Knowles passed away in 1997, the same year this was written.]