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Fooyin Institute of Technology Course Plan

Subject: Current Events

Class: Elective university course

Credits & hours:   credits 2 hours (experiment credits hours)

Charles Tandy
Li, Jung-tai

Charles Tandy:
Office hours:
Monday: Periods 2 & 5
Friday: Periods 3 & 4
Extension: 685

Course objectives: The objectives of this course are to read, comprehend, and discuss selected magazine articles; the articles about current events are written in English.

Course description: In this course we read current magazine articles in English and discuss them.

1. Course Introduction
2. What Will Replace The Internet?
3. From Red To Green
4. Why State Mandates Don't Work
5. Giving Women The Business
6. Two Cheers For 'Asian Values'
7. Will We Travel Back (Or Forward) In Time?
8. Midterm Examination
9. Cruel And Ever More Unusual
10. The Chinese Way
11. Second Thoughts [About The End Of History]
12. The Menopause Of Empire
13. Will Tiny Robots Build Diamonds One Atom At A Time?
14. The Price Of Liberty
15. Final Examination

Teaching methods: Lecture; Discussion

Teaching material: Selected magazine articles written in English

Midterm examination: 30%
Final examination: 30%
Everything else: 40%

See teaching material

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