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From Irv Cockriel
In Support of Charles Tandy

Dr. Charles Tandy has requested a letter of recommendation in his behalf and I am pleased to respond. I became his major advisor when his former doctoral advisor took a position at another university. I was involved with Dr. Tandy from the proposal stage forward through his graduation (Ph.D.) in August 1993.

Dr. Tandy is a very bright creative person with unlimited potential. He has very good writing skills and is not afraid of hard work and has the tenacity to see a task to completion.

He is an excellent conversationalist and I really enjoyed working with him. He is a quick study and grasps concepts thoroughly.

His recent international experiences will only intensify his zeal for teaching and learning. I fully expect him to publish a major work that will be widely recognized. He seems to have outstanding talent in so many domains.

Irv Cockriel
Professor and Associate Dean
College of Education
University of Missouri at Columbia
(573) 882-8531 (USA)